According to the president of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, Inmaculada de Benito, hotels within the federation will be creating between 5,500 and 6,000 new jobs this season. Benito says that the start of the season is giving grounds for being very optimistic. There has, therefore, been earlier hiring, while significant growth in tourist demand is set to bring about the thousands of new jobs. These, she adds, will provide the highest quality and service to tourists who will be arriving this month and who will continue to arrive until late October.

The demand is of course being fuelled by problems elsewhere in the Mediterranean that are making Majorca particularly attractive to the tourism industry and to tourists themselves. Benito notes, however, that this isn't the only reason. There has also been the high level of investment in hotel modernisation, something that has been appreciated by tour operators. Occupancy levels this month are, she says, going to rise gradually, while it is expected that 55% of all hotels will have opened by the end of March. Into April, and this percentage is forecast to rise to 85%.

Welcome though the increase in jobs is, there will inevitably be questions raised as to the nature of the jobs and to the nature of employment contracts and conditions as well as to their adherence. The hoteliers were stung last year by revelations made by German television regarding conditions, while the regional government is determined to ensure there are not abuses and that jobs are of a "quality" nature, with there also being a reduction in the level of temporary positions in favour of more secure employment.