Carmen Planas, the president of the Balearic Confederation of Business Associations (CAEB), has calculated that Palma's Palacio de Congresos convention centre will, at full capacity, generate 20 million euros revenue from some 20,000 visitors who will represent some 50,000 tourist stays (because of family or partners).

This information has been passed to the town hall and it stresses the key role that the centre has in attracting visitors all year round. Planas has underlined the fact that the current difficult situation faced by many small to medium-sized businesses would be alleviated if priority were given to opening the Palacio, given the economic activity that it will generate. She insists that the Palacio should be opened with the utmost speed and with all legal guarantees in place in order to take advantage of the "magnificent opportunity" to create jobs. There is otherwise the danger of losing investment as well as deferring revenues for shops, restaurants, travel agencies, transport companies and others.

Planas was speaking following a visit to the Palacio site along with other representatives on its working party who come from various associations and business organisations. The CAEB, she said, will hold regular monitoring meetings with the town hall and regional government in order to try and avoid delays and to accelerate deadlines that will enable the Palacio to open. She added that disquiet felt by business organisations extends to the poor and worrying image that Palma is giving to the worldwide tourism market (because of the delays with the Palacio).