Traffic lights in support of equality. | EFE


Marking International Women's Day, the Balearic parliament today agreed unanimously in stating that laws are essential but not sufficient without there being necessary policies and co-ordinated, dedicated and effective actions.

The statement went on to say that a critical point has been reached in respect of gender equality, for which it is necessary to take steps and establish objectives. Parliament was claiming the need for a society in which men and women can realise their life and professional goals and have the opportunity to decide if they wish to study, where they wish to live, what type of family they want, who they want to be with and how they attain happiness.

"2030 should be the target for everyone. The Balearic parliament, therefore, endorses the objectives of the international campaign by the United Nations and urges all institutions to adhere to it, looking forward to and working towards 50-50 equality in the Balearics.

"We hope that within fifteen years we will be able to say that we didn't just talk about women but that we had taken measures in favour of women, which equates to taking measures in favour of all humankind."