The Balearic parliament's culture commission will this week consider two motions being brought by the Partido Popular on animal issues. The first is seeking to declare the "correbou" bull-run in Fornalutx as being Balearic intangible cultural heritage and the second is looking to preserve the horse fiestas in Minorca. Both would, therefore, be excluded from modification of the 1992 law on animal protection.

This follows last February's parliamentary approval of a motion in favour of animal welfare which placed emphasis on the condemning of bullfights (and any other "show" involving bulls) and so committed to there being a ban on such shows as well as on any other ones which cause suffering to an animal.

The PP says that a strict interpretation of this would mean there being an end to important fiestas and traditions in the Balearics in which animals feature prominently. The Sant Joan fiestas in Ciutadella and in other parts of Minorca where horses feature would be cases in point.

The PP, therefore, is presenting its motion and urging the government and island administrations to ensure the maintenance and protection of these fiestas. It is also seeking their exemption from amendment of the 1992 law.

In respect of the correbou in Fornalutx, the PP says that it has become a "hallmark" for the village. Hence, it wants a declaration of cultural heritage to be made.