Clearing away the cockroaches.


Part of Puerto Andratx became a nest of cockroaches on Tuesday. A ten o'clock, as businesses were opening up, they found cockroaches inside their premises and in the street along Isaac Peral. The town hall had been fumigating and out had come the cockroaches from the sewers.

Residents and businesses expressed their annoyance to the town hall. With the tourism season up and running, this is a busy area and one with some high-end businesses. Alex Schmitz of Only Mallorca real estate said he found twenty cockroaches inside. "We couldn't let clients find us like this when we offer some of the highest value properties on the island."

Staff proceeded to stomp on the cockroaches in the street, and the town hall had to send cleaners to sweep the area. Mayor Jaume Porsell said that the town hall fumigates different parts of Andratx on a weekly basis. "It's impossible to control the cockroaches getting on to the streets."

For the residents and businesspeople, however, it was a case of criticising fumigation being done at the start of the season and during working hours. "It harms the tourist image," added Schmitz. The town hall has apparently said that it won't be repeating fumigations in this way.