Last year, when the PP was in power, homage for Corpus Christi was paid. | Teresa Ayuga


This Sunday is Corpus Christi, one of the main religious festivals of the year. The town hall in Palma has decided that the building will remain closed, that the red damask will not be displayed and that flags will not be lowered in an act of homage for the procession that will pass by the building.

The town hall's budget for 2016 includes no amount for specific celebration of Corpus Christi. The councillor for culture, Miquel Perelló, says that the town hall is nevertheless cooperating with the occasion. As in previous years the drummers, the band of music, the local police (mounted unit and other), the school of dance and music and the services agency Emaya (for street cleaning) will all be involved. Perelló has not confirmed whether there will be any personal representation.

The active participation of the town hall in Corpus Christi has typically only occurred when the Partido Popular has been in power. There is no obligation for the secular authority, the town hall in this instance, to take an active part.

The town hall spokesperson for the PP, Marga Durán, has described the administration's decision as "infantile" and demonstrating a lack of respect to the citizens. She has contrasted the Palma attitude with that of Miquel Ensenyat, the president of the Council of Majorca and a member of Més like some of the Palma administration. Ensenyat wil open the Council building for Corpus Christi and receive the procession at the main entrance.