The yacht "Savannah" coming into the Port of Palma. | G. Alomar


The Balearic Ports Authority (APB) has completed the drafting of its master plan for Palma's port. It will be presented to relevant associations, business groups and public administrations as from next week.

In contrast to the plan that had been envisaged during the time of the previous regional government and which had contemplated the investment of a minimum of 600 million euros, the new plan does not include large investment projects. The APB president, Joan Gual, stresses that there is already adequate space and that existing resources will be optimised.

"No leisure or entertainment in the Moll Vell is being considered. The space will be dedicated to the port's requirements. The previous project was a crazy use of some 300,000 square metres."

There is to be a general restructuring of the existing areas for regular shipping traffic and for cruise ships. "The aim is to optimise arrivals and departures of ships and their passengers."

In outlining the new plan to the media together with the regional transport minister, Marc Pons, Gual said he didn't want to give out too much advance information about investment for the port until the various interested parties had been informed. But he pointed out that a redistribution of space will be to the advantage of ship maintenance and repair.

"This is a specialist industrial sector that adds value to the port and to the general economy. It is a sector for which there is highly qualified training and which has prestige at an international level."

Gual criticised the previous administration's plan for a second western dock. "It was unaffordable and would have had an environmental impact on the port and the bay of Palma."