Parking for Es Trenc was problematic last summer and is destined to be again this summer. | J. SOCIES


As had been feared, there is to be a further period during which comments and suggestions can be made in respect of the proposed law to create the Es Trenc nature park. This means that it looks as if, for the second consecutive summer, there will not be an adequate solution to the car parking problem for the beach and Ses Covetes.

In late summer 2014 the car park of questionable legality that had been used for years was closed. This led to complaints of business slumping at restaurants. This summer may not see a better situation. One of the concession holders for the beach chiringuito bars says that there won't be a solution this year. Meanwhile, residents face the prospect of overcrowding and so staying at home for most of the day and only going to Campos and Sa Rapita early or late in the day.

Campos town hall had to control access points for Es Trenc last summer and even had to close them on occasion. An interim solution, one that businesses hit on, was to open up a plot of land next to the main road for parking; not that this was fully legal either.

So, as the numbers increase as summer progresses, there will be traffic problems. There is an additional concern that these will hinder access by emergency vehicles if they are needed.

The regulation of parking and of access is due to be within in the new law. The mayor of Campos, Sebastià Sagreras, has said that, although he doesn't support the "protectionist" project for Es Trenc, he and his Partido Popular party will not be placing any obstacle in the way of the law: the problem with parking has needed to be addressed for years.

The delay in introducing the law, on account of all the comments, suggestions, challenges etc., leaves Es Trenc and Ses Covetes on the verge of a chaotic situation once more. The town hall says that it will be controlling access and the paid-for parking in Ses Covetes in the same way as it did last year. It adds, though, that the beaches are still a great attraction.