Trafico officers very busy as always. | Vasil Vasilev


The DGT traffic directorate revealed this week that 32 per cent of all points lost on driving licences last year in the Balearics were for speeding offences, well below the national average of 46 per cent. However, 20 per cent of points were lost for not using a hands-free mobile while driving, double the national average.

Other reasons were either not wearing a crash helmet, a seat belt or using the required child protection and retention facilities: all these are more common in the Balearics than on the mainland.

Also, drinking and driving continues to be a problem in the Balearics. Last year, 15 per cent of points were stripped off licences for driving over the limit, well above the national average of nine per cent. This is a problem the traffic authorities intend to tackle over the coming months.

In total, 162,719 drivers have lost one point or another off their licences since the new scheme came into effect ten years ago - that equates to one in four drivers. Of the total, 2,283 drivers have lost all their points while 69 have lost their licences on at least two occasions. The age group which offends most is that between 18 and 44.