The EMT Palma bus that caught fire yesterday.


The Palma councillor for transport, Joan Ferrer, announced today that the entire fleet is going to be mechanically examined after the second bus of the summer caught fire in Palma on Thursday evening.

At a press conference, Ferrer apologized to the travelling public on behalf of the municipal company (EMT) for the chaos the blaze caused when the bus caught fire along the Paseo Maritimo near La Lonja, causing monumental tailbacks and a major shock for the passengers on board.

"If we discover that there had been a lack of maintenance, then action will be taken against those responsible," the councillor said.

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He explained that standard practice is to overhaul and check the buses every 28 days and that the vehicle had passed its MOT (ITV) back in October.

With regards to what sparked the fire, Ferrer said that it broke out in the rear of the bus which is where the engine is housed, but as yet, nothing can be confirmed.

The previous fire occurred on an EMT bus on the route through Illetes, where two restaurants suffered considerable damage when there was an explosion as a result of the fire.