The bus fire in Illetes produced a great deal of black smoke.


Beachgoers, tourists and residents in Illetes were alarmed this at around midday today when a public bus caught fire and its engine exploded. The bus was cleared of its passengers (only four or five) when an engine problem initially caused white smoke, which rapidly turned black prior to the explosion.

The driver of the bus, which was serving the Line 3, says that as he was coming to the stop in Cala Comtessa he noticed that the power steering was failing, while a motorcyclist who had been behind the bus told him that there was fire coming from the bus. The passengers and the driver then immediately got off the bus.

Despite the strength of the fire and the explosion, there were no injuries, but some property was damaged. The Es Parral restaurant, right by the incident, took the brunt of the explosion, with damage caused to the front of the restaurant and its awning. The owner, Mari Carmen Tena, was naturally not best pleased, given that the tourist season is now starting.

The fire was quickly extinguished, and the bus, operated by EMT in Palma, was later inspected by its manager, Mateo Marcús, and by local police. Technical failure is assumed to have been the cause.