Alcudiamar is planning on investing 21 million euros. | Andrew Ede


The plan to expand the Alcudiamar marina in Puerto Alcudia by some 12,000 square metres and at a cost of 21 million euros has created a good deal of opposition, especially among environmentalists. The Alcudiamar company believes that it would be a "serious mistake" if the town hall were to prevent this investment. The town hall is somewhat divided on the matter. El Pi and PSOE, who together have a majority, want the investment but in a different way. The councillor from Gent Alcudia (Més and others), who was brought into the administration and given the environment portfolio, is against the project full stop.

The company has been the concessionaire for the marina for more than 25 years. It points out that the project meets environmental and port controls. Spokesperson Lydia Pérez says that Alcudiamar intends to be a pioneering marina in terms of the environment. "We want to be an example for others to follow in environmental matters."

Pérez adds that studies have concluded that beach conservation and indeed the bay of Alcudia would not be harmed. Nor would there be any negative impact on species that are protected by the Natura 2000 network protocol in the Balearics. Rather than harm, she suggests that the project would produce benefits for the bay and the beach on account of methods for treating and cleaning water that would be used. The project is essentially one to renovate existing facilities and to create a new dry dock. It is all about improving sustainable competitiveness.

The Balearic Ports Authority approved an extension of the concession in April. Under this, Alcudiamar will invest 21.7 million euros up to 2030, when the concession ends. The previous agreement was due to expire in 2018. The company will also be paying an annual rate of 2.7 million euros for the concession.