Group street drinking is one of the principal targets of Palma's get-tough approach. | Daniel Espinosa


So-called special intervention zones are a key element in Palma's efforts to stamp out anti-social behaviour. Directed in particular against noise and street drinking in groups (the botellón), there is now a further zone - for El Terreno and Gomila. Violations carry the prospect of fines between 1,500 and 3,000 euros, and notices informing the public are now appearing in different parts of the city.

Mayor José Hila was present for the installation of the first poster in El Terreno, and he drew attention to the fact that 37 of these notices were put up in Playa de Palma-Can Pastilla in May. The second phase of the process involves there being eleven notices in Son Armadans, 23 on the Paseo Marítimo and ten in Es Jonquet. By the end of August there will be 99 in all. In addition, local police contingents will be strengthened in order to make sure that the bylaw on anti-social behaviour is complied with.

The mayor said that the intention is clear: "To intervene in areas where there are problems with coexistence and incivility in order to enforce the rules. The aim isn't to collect fines but to dissuade. The message is that anti-social behaviour is not acceptable to other residents and to businesses."

Xavier Abraham, the president of the El Terreno residents association, said that this was an initiative that has been requested for decades. The town hall's councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor, noted that fines for first offences could be substituted by community service. For a second offence there could also be community work but only to cover 50% of the fine.

She also stated that the police is investigating security issues in the area, specifically the suspected presence of a gang. Local police conclusions will be passed on to the National Police.