The crane plunged into the sea off Camp de Mar. | Michels


A 58-year-old excavator-crane operator is being treated at Son Espases Hospital for multiple injuries after the crane slipped over a cliff at Camp de Mar on Tuesday morning.

The man jumped from the crane after it had fallen some ten metres and was trapped some forty metres up on the cliff, while the crane itself continued to fall and ended up in the sea. He managed to snag himself on pines. Because of the difficulty with access, the Guardia Civil helicopter was brought in to rescue him.

The incident occurred during work on the building of a villa. It is not yet known why the twenty-ton crane slipped.

Various emergency services went to the scene, including fire crews, the Guardia's maritime and mountain rescue units, the SAMU 061 urgent care service as well as local police.

Containment barriers were installed to prevent the spread of oil and diesel from the crane.