Things have never quite run totally smoothly for Palma's Palacio de Congresos. | Pere Bota


The court of litigation in Palma has accepted a precautionary measures injunction filed by representatives of the Hotusa hotel group in relation to the tender for the management of the Palacio de Congresos. This interim procedure means that there will be a suspension of the opening of the second envelopes with technical documentation scheduled for today (Wednesday). The court has given the Palacio company (presided over by Palma's tourism councillor Joana Adrover) three days to make submissions.

Hotusa was ruled out of the tender process following the opening of the first envelopes on 3 August. The reason given was that there had been a breach of the secrecy of the offer. The company's representatives have appealed that decision and also filed the injunction. Given the urgency, the court has agreed.

Once it has the Palacio's submissions, the court will decide whether to maintain the suspension or not. The town hall expects that the court will resolve the matter as soon as possible.