Might electric cars become a feature of car-hire fleets in the Balearics? | R.L.


The Partido Popular's Alvaró Gijón has suggested that the government should look to get car-hire agencies to have fleets of electric cars. Instead of saying there are too many hire cars, he believes, the government should be setting targets for the next five, ten and fifteen years by which agencies will be obliged to have certain percentages of electric vehicles.

Gijón said yesterday that he doubts that Europe would allow the government to limit the number of hire cars, adding that companies are willing to invest in electric vehicles. "But the government will have to also invest in charging points."

He went on to say that the government is complaining about there being too many cars but does nothing to improve the sustainability of this important sector. Electric vehicles would improve "in a very significant way" the sustainability and image of the Balearics. Moreover, the islands are perfectly suited to these cars because the distances are feasible.

The PP parliamentary deputy conceded that there has been a noticeable increase in the number of hire cars this year, attributable to demand because of problems in other destinations, but he considered this to be a "specific" case. "You cannot adopt measures based on specifics."