Back in spring, mayor March was able to show tourism minister Biel Barceló progress during the first phase. | M. Nadal


Problems continue to dog Puerto Pollensa's semi-pedestrianisation project. With the first phase completed, the second is scheduled to start in November, but there is no agreement regarding the funding through an alteration of the credit to 2.1 million euros.

This change was first rejected by opposition parties at the town hall during the council meeting in July. It was initially raised as an item for the agenda at Wednesday's meeting but was withdrawn by mayor Miquel Àngel March, as he was made aware that there would not be support.

March's grouping, Junts Avançam, governs in minority with seven councillors in all (including the one from the Unió Mollera Pollencina). There are ten other councillors, two of whom are from the Alternativa per Pollença, who typically support the mayor but not on this issue.

The mayor says that there is a commitment on behalf of the Council of Majorca for 500,000 euros to be spent on the road and that the councillor for land, Mercedes Garrido, will be going to Pollensa on 1 September to announce this.

Opposition parties are questioning this and the "reliability" of the Council, noting that there has been a lack of technical reports in support of its funding. These parties are also concerned about any possible compensation that might need to be paid because of the second phase. They say that ownership of certain parts needs to be cleared up.