When finished, Puerto Pollensa will look something like this. | Ajuntament de Pollença


The second phase of the Puerto Pollensa semi-pedestrianisation project, which has been blocked by opposition parties, looks closer to now being given the go-ahead. The principal concern had been with a guaranteed half a million euros funding from the Council of Majorca for what will remain of the road and its upgrading. The councillor for land and infrastructure, Mercedes Garrido, and the director for roads, Joan Cifre, met with the town hall (all parties) on Thursday and stated the Council's commitment to the funding and also to the ceding of the road to the town hall. It will no longer be considered necessary to include the road in the network of "carreteras" for which the Council is responsible.

Tots per Pollença, former mayor Tomeu Cifre's grouping, was taking credit on social media for having applied the pressure to get the 500,000 euros. One of the parties previously opposed to the second phase, it is now likely to agree to it. The proposal had been brought before the council session in July and was rejected, while Mayor Miquel Àngel March withdrew the same proposal from the August meeting as he knew there wouldn't be sufficient support.

The Alternativa per Pollença, opposed on the grounds that it has argued in favour of full pedestrianisation, was asking yesterday if Tots (and El Pi and the Partido Popular) will now all vote in favour. If they do, then there should be no more obstacles to work on the second phase starting in November.