José María Rodríguez denies all allegations levelled at him over the corruption scandal. | Joan Torres


José María Rodríguez's lawyer has denounced the "total lack of impartiality" by the court investigating corruption allegations in the Palma police force. There has also been "media manipulation" surrounding accusations levelled at the one-time president of the Partido Popular in Palma and former minister of the interior with the Jaume Matas government from 2003 to 2007.

An appeal has therefore been presented which challenges the "precautionary measures" that were ordered to apply to Rodríguez by the investigating judge, Manuel Penalva. These specifically prevent Rodríguez from going within 300 metres of local police facilities and those for the urban planning and business activities departments at the town hall.

The appeal says that these measures take no account of presumption of innocence or of judicial protection. They have been adopted, Rodríguez's lawyer insists, regardless of whether there is any foundation to allegations and because Rodríguez is said to have influence over public officials at the town hall. It is suggested that Rodríguez was called to appear before the judge in order that restraining orders could be placed on him without verification of involvement in any offences.

It concludes that it is impossible to deduce that there is any risk to witnesses or victims (involved in the corruption investigation) which warrants the restraining orders.

Rodríguez resigned as president of the Palma PP on 4 July. He told the judge at the hearing on 26 August that he had no involvement in the alleged corruption in the force and he also denied having influenced the granting of licences and business activities.