Boats that are stored in the caves at Bellver Castle | Teresa Ayuga

Majorca's maritime museum, long talked about, is moving closer to becoming a reality. The Council of Majorca and Palma town hall are in discussion about how to recognise the island's naval heritage in this way, and the museum could be destined for the Ses Voltes part of Palma. The idea would be to start out with a type of "embryo" museum to which further facilities could be added.

The Council's president, Miquel Ensenyat, envisages that in addition to naval heritage there would also be space for historic boats which are the property of the Friends of the Maritime Museum Association. It has half a dozen boats that are currently stored in the caves at Bellver Castle.

Ensenyat says that the Council will seek to have these boats restored at the workshops of the Council's school for master shipwrights. Some of them would then be exhibited, if only temporarily, on the Parc de la Mar lake. In addition to the boats being earmarked for restoration, there are others from the regional government's Consolat de la Mar headquarters from the time when it was a maritime museum. These are also currently in storage.

Different administrations have failed to do anything about creating a museum, but Ensenyat wants it to become a reality during his time as president. Majorca is one of the few coastal regions of Spain that doesn't have such a museum.