Things aren't always so calm in Arenal and Playa de Palma. | P. Lozano


The El Pi party have complained that residents of Playa de Palma and Arenal have endured a high season that has been exactly like in previous years. "They are paying the price for drunken tourism," the party noted in a statement, adding that the town hall was at fault because of its "neglect".

The party suggests that the administration is managing Playa de Palma as if it were an industrial estate devoted to tourism. "It therefore turns its back on the residents who live there all year and who suffer the effects. This is despite the promises made by the administration."

El Pi notes in its statement that residents associations had been prepared to give the town hall a chance when a council meeting in September 2015 approved a series of proposals for improving the situation. These were meant to have been mandatory. However, El Pi adds, the town hall has not carried out any meaningful action with visible results.

Arenal residents recently went public in condemning the town hall for not having met promises made. "There have been very few changes, if any. It's just as it was," said the spokesperson for the residents association.