Gabriel Muñoz, who saved two children from drowning. | Julio Bastida


Gabriel Muñoz, the National Police officer who rescued two children when they were in danger of drowning in rough seas at Son Serra de Marina in August, has received the Spanish Police Foundation award for human values.

Officer Muñoz, who was off-duty at the time, came to the aid of two children - a boy of seven and a girl of ten, both believed to have been British - who were screaming for help and at risk of being swept away by a strong undertow. The red flag had been flying, but the lifeguard had finished his shift for the day.

The award for human values recognises acts by members of the National Police for outstanding service and personal sacrifice in the protection of citizens whether officers are on-duty or not. The award was given to him in a ceremony in Avila by the chief of the National Police in the Balearics, Antonio Jarabo de la Peña. Officer Muñoz shares the award with Luis Angel Carnero, who saved the life of a woman in Vallodolid. He is to receive a further honour next week - the cross of police merit.