Registrations of holiday homes have shot up over the past couple of years. | Archive


There is a government department which is dedicated to "tourist stays". This department within the tourism ministry has been inundated over recent months with declarations by those who want to register holiday properties. There were more in the first nine months of this year (10,367) than in the whole of 2015 (8,030), though a "boom" in requests has existed since 2014. In the summer of that year, the ministry was said to have been "saturated" with applications.

The increase is being attributed to worries about being penalised for not complying with the law as well as to concerns regarding the establishment of a ceiling on the number of holiday rental places. By the end of July, 4,294 holiday properties had registered with the Tax Agency in the Balearics for payment of the tourist tax. It is thought that this figure is likely to increase in the next few months.

Owners who wish to rent their properties to tourists - single properties such as villas, that is - need to make a statement to the tourism ministry and pay a charge of some 25 euros per place. Once the statement is made, inspectors from the tourism ministry visit the property, though this process can take more than a year because of the sheer volume of requests that have been received in the past two years.

The draft of reformed legislation for holiday rentals is expected to be published later this month.