Sant Joan's botifarró fair has become a popular part of the autumn calendar. | C. Veny


The annual autumn botifarró fair in Sant Joan will not be happening this year. It is a fair for which there is great anticipation, as the botifarró sausage is the principal attraction and features in a giant barbecue.

The fair was started fifty years ago and was founded by the local motorcyclist club. The town hall took over the fair's organisation but last year handed the organisation back to the club. Having put on a successful fair in 2015, the club says that it cannot organise one this autumn.

A reason for this is that there are said to be "disagreements" within the club. A further one is that there aren't the people available to organise it. Pep Jaume, the club's president, says that the shortage of people stems from the fact that they have spent a lot of time organising other events, notably trials championships - one for Spain and the other for the Balearics. "People are tired of having to arrange events," he notes, but is confident that the club will be able to put the botifarró fair on next year.