The maximum number of people on a given day in the Balearics increased by 25,612. | Click


We now know the maximum "saturation" of the Balearics in the summer. On 9 August, the number of people on the islands was at its highest - 2,036,132, a rise of 1.27% over the 2,010,520 on 10 August 2015. Last year was the first time that the two million mark had been exceeded.

The figures given by the Index of Human Pressure show that the number of people in August as a whole was generally higher than in 2015: the average per day was 1,968,212.

The increase of 25,612 people on the day with the maximum number was, however, a lower rise than was the case over the six previous, during which the average rise was 32,345.

As for other months, the highest increase was in May. The average number of people in that month was up by 3.3% to 1,565,153. In June, the increase was 3.12% to an average of 1,738,000 people, while in July the rise was 2.37% to 1,908,834.