Cala San Vicente, which could become a marine reserve. | Xesca Serra


Initial research carried out during September and October suggests that there are good environmental reasons for Cala San Vicente to be declared a marine reserve. A consultancy, which was appointed by the residents' association with support from the Colonya bank, reports the presence of large areas of posidonia sea grass some 300 metres from the beaches of Cala Barques and Cala Molins. There are particularly significant meadows in the area of Punta Negre, most of which have not previously been charted.

The survey covered a comparatively limited area, so it is being recommended that it is extended in order to get a better understanding of what there is.

The main reason for the research is to present evidence that will facilitate the declaration of a marine reserve. This, it is believed, will create a new tourist product for nature and diving.

The residents' association will now be talking to various stakeholders - local authorities, fishermen and indeed other residents - with the aim of formally initiating the process for declaration by the national environment ministry. The reserve which is being contemplated would be one of almost three square kilometres and would occupy a strategic area between the possible reserve for Puerto Soller and the existing reserve for the Llevant nature park in Arta.

The proposal for the reserve says that it would act as a nursery for the regeneration of certain species which would migrate to nearby coves, e.g. Cala Boquer and Cala Castell.

The survey in September and October involved ten dives in order to map the seabed and register species, to locate any freshwater points and to evaluate the quality of water and the presence of waste.