The padlocks on the railing at the Costa dels Pins mirador. | A. Bassa


The mirador look-out point in Costa dels Pins will have a new image for the start of the 2017 tourism season, Son Servera town hall having started work on making the site safer and more attractive.

The railing at the mirador has been deteriorating, partly because of the padlocks that have been attached to it; these are placed there as symbols of a couple's love for each other.

The town hall had initially envisaged the renovation of the railing and the removal of all of the padlocks. Petitions have led to a change of mind, and the padlocks are to be kept and will be integral to a sculpture. Public works councillor Miquel Espases says that the town hall is to talking to a sculptor, Pedro Flores, about a sculpture, panel or some other feature for the mirador. The councillor's idea is for a globe with the padlocks representative of people from different countries who have sealed their love at Costa dels Pins.

He recognises that the padlocks are "curious" and so the town hall is coming up with a novel design that hadn't originally been part of the project.

Once the current railing is removed, there will be a new metal structure and a wooden walkway with benches. The whole area will be illuminated with low-energy lights, and the work should take roughly three months.