One of the men arrested by the National Police last week.


More news has emerged of the case of the two young Bulgarian men who had been enslaved and forced to beg by two of their fellow countrymen.

When the two victims reported their situation - one of human trafficking - to the National Police, they said that they were also being prepared to engage in homosexual sexual exploitation. In other words, their captors were lining them up to be rent boys.

This preparation, it would seem, involved injecting them with anabolic steroids. In addition, the police said last week that during the raid on the property in Santa Ponsa, where the two victims were held, they found poppers, which are used by some gay men.

The two victims had been snared in Bulgaria by promises of working on orange plantations in the Bahamas. The police, who are not ruling out further operations related to this case, believe that the Bulgarian "mafia" - the two men arrested are in fact international MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters - has been looking to invade territory dominated by the Romanian gang, of which there were also reports last week.