There is alarm at the number of tortoises being killed. | J. Socies


Hunters and farmers in the sa Marina area of Llucmajor are concerned about a potential imbalance in the wildlife population being caused by the number of predators. They are pointing in particular to the disappearance of rabbits and partridges and to the deaths of tortoises.

The predators they are referring to include kites, ravens and Bonelli's eagles. Up to eighteen groups of kites have been counted in addition to all the other birds. Hunters believe that there are now excessive numbers. Some twenty years ago there were no kites in the area.

The hunting office at the Council of Majorca is aware of the situation and has forwarded the issue to the environment and agriculture ministry. However, the government's service for the protection of species doesn't think that the situation is alarming, saying that it is normal in the wild and believing that it is ravens which are mainly responsible.

Hunters and farmers have been finding dead tortoises in open spaces, and the issue has become one for social networks. A few days ago there was a comment on Llucmajor town hall's Facebook page which referred to the "alarming" growth in the eagle population and the resultant "havoc" being caused, such as the eating of piglets. The comment warned that care needs to be applied or else the ecological balance will be disrupted.

The increase in the number of predators in the area has been well documented over the years, while it has also been the case that some birds have been poisoned.