National Police investigators seized documents from various establishments, including BCM. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Manuel Penalva, the judge leading the investigation into Tolo Cursach, has asked the Tax Agency to itemise the assets belonging to the owner of nightclubs and other establishments.

Some twenty businesspeople have given evidence in which they claim financial losses caused by regular police inspections and fines that were the result of constant "denuncias". An aspect of the investigation is the extent to which local police favoured Cursach businesses over those of rivals.

These businesspeople are believed to be considering forming their own association in bringing action against Cursach. They feel as they are not adequately represented by existing associations for the nightlife sector.

Judicial sources suggest that if claims of unjustified persecution can be proved, the businesspeople could receive compensation for losses suffered. The Tax Agency is therefore looking to identify the companies operated by Cursach and bank accounts. It is understood that the judge could order the seizure of Cursach's properties - business and personal. In the case of the former, these would include BCM and other clubs.