Hotel Molins, to the left of Cala Molins (shown here), is a specific case being considered. | E. Ballestero


The anti-corruption prosecution service is investigating what it claims could have been systematic fraud in respect of legalising planning infringements in Pollensa. The prosecutor, Juan Carrau, is looking into records that date back to 2004. The town hall is sending thousands of files related to fines, demolition orders and various infractions.

At the heart of the investigation are payments of 20% of the valuation of works for which proceedings were opened to legalise them. The total value of alleged fraud is put at 169 million euros.

The prosecution service started to investigate at the end of last year. In January, the urban planning councillor, Bartomeu Cifre Bennàsar, said that there had been a slowdown in the granting of licences because personnel in the department were busy gathering all the documentation required by the prosecutor. Mayor Miquel Àngel March has confirmed that the town hall has now finalised all this documentation.

At the time of his retirement, the town hall's former architect, Rafel Balaguer, advised the mayor in writing that there had been supposed irregularities. Some of those that he pointed out are now under investigation.

A specific case which goes back before 2004 has to do with the Hotel Molins in Cala San Vicente. The town hall has already sent documentation to the prosecution service regarding this in order, as the mayor has explained, that it can look into what happened in 1999. This is a reference to the legalising of the final floor at the hotel.