The finca in Llucmajor. | Alejandro Sepulveda


A 34-year-old Spanish woman has killed her eighteen-month-old daughter and committed suicide.

The woman had a fierce argument with her husband on Tuesday evening. It is understood that the husband told her that he was leaving her. She then left the house on the Las Palmeras estate in Llucmajor, taking the child with her. The woman's husband reported her disappearance and a search was initiated. It was the husband who found the bodies at ten to eight this morning. They were in a shed some one hundred metres from the house on the Ca'n Granada finca. The child had been hanged and the woman had hanged herself.

The Guardia Civil's criminal police are investigating but are ruling out the involvement of any other person. The bodies were taken to the forensic institute in Palma for autopsies to be performed.

The area was cordoned off for a time, and the incident naturally caused a great deal of upset on the estate. Neighbours were at a loss to understand why the woman would have committed such an atrocity.

The Guardia say that there was no indication of any violence during the argument, and the High Court has confirmed that there is no record of any complaint of violence.