Tourists will be pleased to know that public opinion is in favour of them. | Patricia Lozano


Faced with apparent complaints regarding tourist saturation and "massification", the regional government decided to undertake a survey to find out how much this saturation sensation might influence attitudes towards tourism.

The Balearic Tourism Agency surveyed 1,800 people last October: 60% of them said that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with tourism, thus reflecting its positive benefits. There were, however, almost 27% of respondents who were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. For the government, though, the results go against the apparent rise of "tourismphobia", which became something of a theme last year.

When tourist numbers are at their highest, during the months of high summer, the support for tourism does drop but there is still a majority in favour over those those expressing discontent. In addition, over 60% of those surveyed believe that tourism helps them maintain their quality of life, with under 20% feeling that tourism is harmful to this. As for whether tourism has a negative effect on people's cultural identity, 63% said no. Tourism either helps to maintain this or improve it. Twenty per cent felt that it was negative in this respect.

The agency considers the results to be positive but accepts that there are negative evaluations which need addressing. In this regard, it believes that sustainability criteria are priorities for maintaining and improving quality of life.