The main part of the yacht club would be unaffected by the building project. | Elena Ballestero


The Reial Club Nàutic yacht club in Puerto Pollensa has a project for a new building of 1,000 square metres that will cost close to six million euros. The development that is planned would be sufficient to legally justify the government granting a new concession up to 2052.

In order to give the concession, negotiations for which have been ongoing for some years, the Ports de les Illes Balears authority has wanted more information about the new building. Once it has all the details, the government will present a firm proposal to the club at the general assembly of members on 29 July. That will be the time when the members have to decide if they want the new building and concession or fight it and continue with the concession that was granted in 1987.

There is potential for division. A new concession would mean that there is a legal termination of rights acquired by the oldest members of the club. There are those members who have had moorings for years, while newer members don't have moorings. The issue could lead the club to the courts.

If the new building does go ahead, it would house a sailing school and have three floors, with the upper one also for use by the harbour master. Current law doesn't allow the built area to increase by more than 30%, so the project would entail the demolition of showers and the existing nautical building.