The number of fatalities on Balearic roads is roughly half what it was ten years ago. | Archive


The number of deaths on Balearic roads from January up to the end of the first week of May rose by five to 22. Over the same period last year there were 17. For the whole of 2016, there were 55 deaths, six more than in 2015. The statistics from the traffic directorate indicate that there has been a notable increase - from one to six - of fatal accidents in urban areas.

There has, however, been a significant improvement in recent years. In 2006 and 2007, the number of deaths, respectively, was 102 and 104. Since 2008, there has been a downward trend. In that year, there were 72 deaths. The lowest figure was 40 in 2013.

Sixteen of the 22 deaths so far this year were in Majorca; the other six were in Ibiza. January and April, with six and seven deaths respectively, were the worst two months. Those who lost their lives were mainly drivers (12), while two passengers, six pedestrians and two cyclists were killed. Sixteen were Spanish. There were more deaths during the day than at night and an equal number for working days and weekends.

The increase in deaths is being attributed in part to increased traffic in the lower tourism season, while it is suggested that the 40 fatalities in 2013 (and 48 in 2014) were somewhat exceptional.