An image from the Arenal residents' video. | Asociación de Vecinos Amics de S'Arenal


The Arenal residents association has taken to social networks in highlighting the nightly noise caused by tourists. A video has been distributed that was recorded on the tenth floor of a block on the Avenida Miramar. It was shot on Monday and the noise is plainly evident.

Residents complain that it's difficult to sleep because of the noise, especially now that windows are being kept open because of the heat. They say the situation has existed since the start of the tourism season and has become "untenable". The local police are being criticised for not acting.

This association is based in the Llucmajor part of Arenal, and the mayor of Llucmajor, Bernadí Vives, says that the noise is as it has been for thirty years. "I don't understand this fuss because it's been like this in the past. There are groups of students between the ages of 16 and 24 who can be noisy, but no more than in past years. This is noise on the front line and is typical of any tourist area. We are not talking about disturbance in residential areas."

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