The Balearic parliament has so far this year approved only one law - for the Chambers of Commerce. However, it is about to approve eight more between now and the end of July, even though next month is officially a vacation period.

This batch of legislation has started with the presentation of the industry bill and it will be followed by further discussion of amendments to the tourism law and its regulations for holiday rentals. If it turns out that this law isn't passed or is delayed, then it would affect the schedule for determining zones for holiday rentals. Eight months have been set aside for this.

Another law is the one to do with bullfighting, to which Madrid is objecting on the grounds of unconstitutionality. Others are a reform of the law on statistics; a reform of civil rights legislation in the Balearic; the democratic memory bill (which Madrid is also querying); the transparency law; and a bill for accessibility.

Parliament's board will tomorrow set out the agenda for a series of extraordinary sessions of parliament to get all this legislation through. Opposition parties are complaining and wanting to know why there hasn't been better scheduling. Jaume Font of El Pi says that there are other legislative items that will be left on hold, such as a solution to the level of hire cars.