Salom greeting the German police.


The Central Government delegate to the Balearics, Maria Salom and the head of the Guardia Civil in the Balearics, Jaume Barcelo, yesterday visited the Guardia Civil in Capdepera where the brigade is being assisted by a member of the German police force. Every summer, foreign police from key markets such as Germany, France and Italy are deployed to the Balearics to assist the local forces. The meeting was held at the Guardia Civil headquarters in the port at Cala Rajada where Salom stressed the importance and the good work the foreign police do during the summer season.

Salom stressed the vital role the foreign police play with regards to helping the local forces communicate and help holiday makers. Over the past years Capdepera has become a a bit of black spot during the summer and last month members of the Guardia Civil were patrolling the beach to prevent any anti social behaviour.
The foreign police will remain in the Balearics until the end of September.