The triumphal carriage of Valldemossa's La Beata.

28-07-2010Teresa Ayuga

Monday, 24 July
Alcudia, Sant Jaume. 20.00: Alcudia of the old days. A tour of houses and establishments representative of the past. From Plaça Carles V. 21.00: Tapas special. Plaça Carles V. 22.00: Night party - Es Buendia, Disccovers, Val 9. Passeig Mare de Déu.

Algaida, Sant Jaume. 19.30: Cossiers dance of the "quadrat". 23.30: Party with Galatzó, Islanders, Madona. At Ses Escoles. 01.00: Fireworks.

Binissalem, Sant Jaume. 18.30: Children's entertainment with Mel i Sucre. Plaça Església. 20.00: Magic show. Plaça Església. 23.30: Piolet Swing. Plaça Església.

Inca, Sant Abdon and Sant Senen. 17.00: Children's water party. Plaça Mallorca. 18.00: Zumba and Crossfit classes. Plaça Espanya. 21.30: Miradas al Universo - musical. Bullring.

Manacor, Sant Jaume. 20.00: Encamisada - (white shirts), pipers, giants, human towers, Mulassa mule, band of music and horses. From Plaça Sant Jaume. 22.00: Horses on the Green Way.

Santanyi, Sant Jaume. 17.30: Demons, bigheads, pipers procession. 18.00: Jewel races. Plaça Major. 21.30: Replec procession with Ses Salines horseriders. 22.00: Jaleo games of rings, Ses Salines horseriders. Car park in front of Bar Sa Picada. 24.00: Night party - Ses Bubotes, Revival '90 and DJs. Sports ground.

Son Serra de Marina. 19.30: Drawing contest. Plaça Església. 22.00: Theatre - Stop! Plaça Església.

Valldemossa, La Beata. 20.30: Open-air supper in the streets.

Vilafranca, La Beata. 22.00: Playback dance contest. Plaça Tomeu Penya.

Tuesday, 25 July
Alcudia, Sant Jaume. 11.30: Procession by the band of music. From the Porta de Mallorca (Sebastian). 12.00: Festive celebration of Sant Jaume. At the church. 13.15: Traditional refreshments at the town hall. 22.30: Concert - the band of music with "Chicago". Plaça Carles V. 24.00: Pyromusical - fireworks and music. Plaça Carles V.

Algaida, Sant Jaume. 09.00: Alborada wake-up by the pipers. 11.00: Mass, cossiers' dance and then further dance in Placeta Església. 19.00: Children's entertainment in the square. 22.00: Theatre followed by concert by Tardes en el Café. In the square.

Binissalem, Sant Jaume. 11.00: Children's games, jewel races, soapy pole. Plaça Església. 19.30: Mass. 21.30: Broadway, El Musical. Escola Graduada courtyard. 24.00: Fireworks.

Inca, Sant Abdon and Sant Senen. 17.30: Children's entertainment with Mel i Sucre. Plaça Espanya. 21.30: Pseudomusical - Dos mundos bajo un mismo sol by Hyde XXI. Sant Domingo Cloister, Avda. Germanies. Free.

Manacor, Sant Jaume. 11.00: Slingshot. Plaça Ramon Llull. 19.15: Sant Jaume banner parade from Avda. Pins de sa Torre to Plaça Rector Rubi. 21.30: Children's ball de bot folk dance. Plaça Rector Rubi. 22.30: Fire spectacular - Manafoc demons. From C. Francesc Gomila to Plaça Rector Rubi.

Muro, Sant Jaume. 21.30: Folk dance with Revetla d'Algebelí. Plaça Sant Martí.

Portocolom, Sant Jaume. 17.00: Soapy pole. At the customs' pier. 18.00: Art and craft market. Commercial pier. 22.00: Ballroom dance with Stil Duo. Plaça Corso.

Sa Pobla, Sant Jaume. 21.00: Folk dance with Marjal en Festa. Plaça Major.

Santanyi, Sant Jaume. 10.30: Band of music wake-up. 11.00; Mass. 12.00: Balanguera hymn, band of music and dance of giants. 22.00: Mallorca Gay Men's Chorus - "Al Desnudo". Sports ground. 24.00: Fireworks.

Son Serra de Marina. 18.00: Holi Colours Festival with DJs. Plaça Església. Paint balls in advance from the Civil Protection, price three euros.

Magalluf. 22.00: Steve Aoki. BH Mallorca Hotel, The Stage. Avda. Palmeras. 20 euros.

Port Adriano. 22.00: George Benson. From 38 euros -

Wednesday, 26 July
Algaida, Santa Anneta. 11.00: Jewel races. In the square. 23.00: Concert - Tomeu Penya and Geminis. In the square. 01.00: Final firecrackers for the fiestas.

Inca, Sant Abdon and Sant Senen. 18.00: Damaris Gelabert (children's musician). Sant Domingo Cloister. 20.00: Tribute show. Plaça Mallorca. 20.00: Folk dance with Cofre Antic. Plaça Espanya.

Playa de Muro. 21.00: Concert - Quatre de Cor. At the church.

Pollensa, La Patrona. 14.00: Firing of rockets and bell-ringing, procession by the Soldà Band of Cornets, to mark the start of the fiestas. Plaça Monti-sion. 20.00: Martial arts exhibition. Plaça Major. 20.30: Procession of the band of drums and cornets. 22.00: Pregón opening address and concert by the band of music. Sant Domingo Cloister.

Sa Pobla, Sant Jaume. 22.00: Crestatx Poetic. Poetry, cello and electronic music. Crestatx Oratory.

Santanyi, Sant Jaume. 21.00: Sport dance, line dance. Plaça Major.

Son Serra de Marina. 17.00: Children's party - entertainment, inflatables, foam. Plaça Església. 21.30: Nordic Walking from Plaça Església. 22.00: Five-kilometre run from Plaça Església.

Valldemossa, La Beata. 21.30: Treasure hunt. Municipal warehouse.

Vilafranca, La Beata. 19.30: Music and entertainment with Mel i Sucre. Plaça Tomeu Penya.

Valldemossa. 22.00: Laura Serra (piano). Chopin, Debussy, Haydn and others. Charterhouse, Cell 2. 20-30 euros.

Thursday, 27 July
, Nit de l'Art. 19.00: Paintings, photography, music, tapas in the streets.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 22.00: Gospel concert - seven choirs. At the church.

Inca, Sant Abdon and Sant Senen. 19.00: Procession with the Inca youth music group and caparrot bigheads. From Plaça Espanya. 21.30: In concert - Sweet California. General Luque Quarter. 20 euros (residents); 22 euros (others).

Llubi, Sant Feliu. 23.00: Toni Joan and DJs. Plaça Església.

Pollensa, La Patrona. 18.00: Concert for young children - Damaris Gelabert. Sant Domingo Cloister. 20.45: Folk dance with the school of country folk dance and Ballagull. Plaça Major. 23.30: Kaleidoscope night party. Joan March Gardens, Ca la Gran Cristiana.

Santanyi, Sant Jaume. 22.00: Long Time No Swing, Glissando Big Band. Plaça Major.

Son Serra de Marina. 18.00: Petanque tournament. Social centre. 20.00: Children's fashion parade. Plaça Església. 22.30: Cinema - "Es por tu bien". Plaça Església.

Valldemossa, La Beata. 19.30: Mass and solemn procession with the image of Santa Catalina Thomàs. 22.30: Cinema - Café Society. Plaça Bartomeu Estaràs.

Vilafranca, La Beata. 22.00: Fashion parade. Plaça Major.

Banyalbufar. 20.30: Banyalbujazz - Les Dones del Jazz. Free.

Deya. 21.00: Eilidh Martin (cello), Suzanne Bradbury (piano). Beethhoven, Debussy and others. Son Marroig. 20 euros.

Magalluf. 22.00: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. BH Mallorca Hotel, The Stage. Avda. Palmeras. 20 euros.

Porto Cristo. 21.15: Antoni Aragon (tenor), Noemi Dalmau (piano). At the church. Donations.

Santa Eugenia. 18.00: Vatuacada and DJ - opening of the Santa Eugenia performing arts festival. Plaça Bernat.

Alcudia. 21.00: Via Fora - five dramatised scenes from Alcudia's history on a route along the walls. From Plaça Carles V. Free.

Friday, 28 July
Arta, Sant Salvador. 21.45: Departure of the pipers from the school of music. 22.00: Opening event with dance of the bigheads. Plaça Ajuntament. 22.15: Correfocs and batucada. From the town hall. 23.30: Night party - Batukrack, Tremolarta, Som Caparruts. Na Batlessa amphitheatre.

Cala Millor. 16.00: Children's water park and foam party. Civic centre. 21.00: Torra-Rock. On the beach in front of the Hotel Amarac.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 17.00: Children's fishing school. At the port. 20.30: Salad pastries and doughnuts. Line and ballroom dance. Plaça Pou d'en Verdera.

Inca, Sant Abdon and Sant Senen. 20.00: Concert - Unió Musical Inquera. Plaça Antoni Fluxa. 23.00: Yeyé night. Plaça Espanya and from 24.00 in C. Born and C. Murta.

Llubi, Sant Feliu. 23.00: Night party - Som Caparruts, Contrapunt, Islanders and DJ. Plaça Església.

Playa de Muro. 19.00-02.00: Miami Volley Moon Party. Beach by the Miami Beach Club, Avda. Mar. 20.00: Artisan craft fair. Avda. Albufera. 20.00: Children's party with Maria Bimbolles. By the municipal building.

Pollensa, La Patrona. 16.30-19.30: Table games. Joan March Gardens. 19.00: Dragut Festival - Various bands plus art exhibitions. Music, games and workshops for children. Plaça Ca les Monnares. 21.30: Pollensa Evening. Musical acts, pipers, folk dance, glosadors and more. Sant Domingo Cloister.

Portocolom. 21.00: Xeremier pipers, funk group and DJs (supper for fan clubs). Arenal beach. 24.00: Fireworks.

Son Serra de Marina. 19.00: Jewel races. Plaça Església. 20.30: Line dance followed by a night of the 1980s. Plaça Església.

Valldemossa, La Beata. 09.00: Procession by the Montuiri Band of Music. 10.30: La Beateta, angels and maidens of honour leave the town hall for the church. 11.00: Mass. 18.30: Concert by the Montuiri Band of Music. Plaça Cartoixa. 21.30: The "triumphal carriage" sets out accompanied by peasants' carriages, pipers and bands of music.

Vilafranca, La Beata. 18.00: Demon, bigheads and pipers, Plaça Major, followed by children's party (Plaça Tomeu Penya). 23.00: Beatisò 2017 - Vilatukada Jove and Trasò. Plaça Tomeu Penya. 00.30: Night party - Islanders, IPops, Farigola. Plaça Major.

Cala Ratjada. 22.00: Serenates d'Estiu (summer serenades). Glass Duo (glass harp). Gardens at Fundacío Bartomeu March, Torre Cega. Tickets from the tourist information office.

Palma. 20.00: Palma Band of Music - Pirates. Bellver Castle. With invitation - at the castle from 25 July, 10.00-18.30. More information: 971 225 900.

Palma. 21.00: Balearic Symphony Orchestra, Joji Hattori (Japan) violin. Dvorak and Mendelssohn. Benefit concert at the Castillo Son Vida Hotel. 32 euros.

Playa de Muro. 22.00: Lau (Celtic folk band from Scotland and England). By the municipal building, Avda. Albufera. Free.

Santa Eugenia, Performing Arts Festival. 18.00 to 22.30: Acts at Es Sagrat and Les Escoles courtyard.

Saturday, 29 July
Ariany. From 19.00: Evening fair with ball de bot folk dance and folk music as well as Majorcan gastronomy.

Arta, Sant Salvador. 12.00: Vermouth and the band of music. Plaça Ajuntament. 22.00: Night party - Big Marítim, La Canción del Verano, La Loca Motora, Val 9. Plaça Conqueridor.

Cala Millor. 20.00: Regional dance with the Spanish Group of Dance and Flamenco and the group La Encina from Extremadura. Plaça Eureka.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 21.00: Horse "jump" festival. Avda. Primavera. 23.30: Night party - MyStar, Dynamo and DJ. Avda. Primavera.

Inca, Sant Abdon and Sant Senen. 17.00: Super Holi party. Bullring. 20.00: Dignitaries, pipers and folk group gather in Plaça Santa Maria la Major. 20.15: Compline. 20.30: Regional dance with different groups. Plaça Mallorca. 22.00: Party with Orquestina d'Algaida and Aquarius. Plaça Llibertat. 22.30: Idò Fest - indie, rock, DJs (numerous acts). General Luque Quarter. 18 euros.

Playa de Muro. 11.00: Children's water party. By the municipal building. 17.30: Battle of the batucadas. Procession from the Banca March roundabout at 18.00 to the municipal building. 20.00: Artisan craft fair. Avda. Albufera. 20.30: Ball de bot folk dance. By the municipal building. 22.00: Concert by Capel-la. Balneario One.

Pollensa, La Patrona. 20.30: Line dance. Plaça Ca les Monnares. 23.30: Party with Los Grillos, Val Nou, XI and Pedra. Plaça Major.

Son Serra de Marina. 21.00: Open-air supper, followed by party with Duo Yesterday and Trio Acuarius. Plaça Església.

Valldemossa, La Beata. 11.00: Paella contest. Escola Vella courtyard. 17.00: Procession by Valltukada batucada through the streets. 19.00-02.00: Holi Colours Fest with DJ Txema Sanchez.

Vilafranca, La Beata. 14.00: Revolter lunch. Music from Toniaina, Black Sap. Plaça Sant Joan. 19.30: Dance of the cavallets. 20.30: Mass. 23.30: Night party - Mar Blau, Aquarius, Estrella del Sud. Plaça Major.

Banyalbufar. 22.30: Eres Negre - music and gastronomy: Vaudou Game, Zulu Zulu and others. 18 euros.

Canyamel. 21.00: Marlango (jazz/blues). Torre de Canyamel. 25 euros.

Palma. 20.00: Neotokyo Festival - electronic music and film projections. Es Baluard, Plaça Porta Santa Catalina. Free.

Palma. 21.30: Posidonia - folk and Mediterranean music. Bellver Castle. 15 euros.

Santa Eugenia, Performing Arts Festival. 18.00 to 00.30: Acts at Plaça Bernat, Ca Ses Monges car park, Les Escoles courtyard and in the C. Bartomeu Coll.

Sunday, 30 July
Arta, Sant Salvador. 18.00: Mega water park - inflatables, foam, slides. Na Caragol sports centre car park. 21.00: Modern dance. Sports centre. 21.30: Concert - Roba Estesa (folk), Valtonyc (rap). Sant Salvador Sanctuary. Fifteen euros.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 16.30-20.30: Children's water park. Plaça Pou d'en Verdera.

Inca, Sant Abdon and Sant Senen. 10.30: Eucharist and dance of offer. Santa Maria la Major Church. 12.00: Release of doves. Plaça Santa Maria la Major. 20.00: Folk dance. Plaça Espanya. 22.00: Dos pájaras a tiro: tribute to Serrat and Sabina. Plaça Mallorca. 23.45: Correfoc - Fieres de Foc d'Inca demons' fire-run. From Plaça Mallorca. 24.00: Fireworks. Plaça Bestiar.

Playa de Muro. 19.30: Xaranga music procession. 20.00: Mass. 20.00: Artisan craft fair. Avda. Albufera. 21.00: Unió Artística Murera band of music. By the municipal building. 22.00: Concert - Tomeu Penya and Geminis. By the municipal building. 24.00: Fireworks. At the canal pier.

Pollensa, La Patrona. 19.00: Procession of giants. From Via Pollential to Plaça Ca les Monnares. 20.00: Benefit supper. Joan March Gardens. 21.00: Swing with Hi Hats Old Jazz. Plaça Major. 22.00: Ballroom dance - Orquestra Calypso and Marga Pocovi. Plaça Ca les Monnares.

Son Serra de Marina. 11.00: Duck swim. From the small beach. 21.00: Folk dance with Sa Torre and Galivança. Plaça Església. 24.00: Fireworks. Plaça Església.

Vilafranca, La Beata. 18.00: Demon, bigheads and pipers. From the town hall, followed by mega water party for children (at the sports centre). 22.30: Ball de bot folk dance. Plaça Major. 00.15: Beatifoc - Vilafranca, Mancor de la Vall demons and Trafoc from Palma. Plaça Major.

Andratx. 22.00: Maria Loren (guitar) - swing, boleros, salsa. Castell de Son Mas (town hall). Ten euros.

Deya. 20.30: Ensemble Tramuntana - Vivaldi Four Seasons. At the church. 15 euros.


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