The scheme for the Llucmajor road would also include a new road into Campos itself (as in this image). | Archive


Over the past three weeks, the campaign group #SenseLímitsNoHiHaFutur (no future without limits) has gathered 2,900 signatures against the plan for the Llucmajor-Campos road. It is urging the Council of Majorca to withdraw the project and to come up with an alternative draft that will have less social impact and require less land.

According to the group, the new road will increase in width from ten metres to 42, will consume 53 hectares and will require the expropriation of 222 fincas. The plan drawn up by the Council of Majorca - a dual carriageway for a road with a notorious accident record - has not solved problems contained in a previous one when the Partido Popular was in power.

There will be an irreversible impact on scrubland, pine woods, fruit trees, cereal crops and grazing. The project envisages a ten per cent increase in traffic volume, meaning an additional 3,000 vehicles per day. The group goes on: "Behind these roads are large shopping malls belonging to multinationals. And these have an impact on traditional retailing and the fabric of local economies."

The cost of the road is around 43 million euros. The group cannot understand how so much is to be spent on "an obsolete and predatory model that has no future".