Marga Prohens of the PP accusing the government of chaos. | PP Twitter


Marga Prohens, the parliamentary spokesperson for the Partido Popular, yesterday attacked the Balearic government. "It is incapable of managing economic success," she said, adding that she believed that the government will not have the confidence of the public. (The regional elections are now some 21 months away.)

The current economic period in the Balearics is "the most favourable in history", yet the government punishes the citizens through tax burden and the creation of new taxes. Prohens stated that in the two years since taking office no new policy has been put in place for key sectors, while there was still also no clear tourism policy because "there are so many partners in the pact". And this pact, she observed, is "in chaos" and will prove to be worse than previous ones that have been in government (1999-2003 and 2007-2011).

An example of this chaos is the law for holiday rentals. This is "a government of chaos that is transferring the chaos to the citizens, who do not know if they can rent out their property, if they will be fined, if there will be zones".

The PP, she said, will be "united, strong and keen" in taking on the government during the new parliamentary period. "It is no longer worth talking about what was inherited. It is no longer worth saying it is all Madrid's fault. And it is no longer worth being obsessed with seeking an external enemy to blame for all their problems."

Prohens insisted that the citizens need to know that there is an alternative which is prepared and has the desire to fix the chaos that the government has created and which harms the citizens.

She referred to the demonstration which environmental groups have called for 23 September. It is against tourism "massification". Prohens criticised the support given to this by Podemos. "They haven't heard that it is no longer 15-M*." Their work, she observed, is "not going on demonstrations" but is in the institutions in which it is represented.

* 15-M refers to the 15 May 2011 movement of the "indignados". The demonstration on 23 September is due to take place in Palma's Plaça Espanya.