The Moor King and King Jaume of S'Estol Rei en Jaume, Alcudia Fair on Saturday. | Elena Ballestero


Tuesday, 26 September
Palma. 12.00: Flamenco matinee - Flamallorca plus wine and pinchos. Teatre Sans, C. Can Sanç. 35 euros (25 euros residents).

Wednesday, 27 September
Deya. 20.00: Walthraud Mucher (mezzo soprano) and Magí Garcías (piano). Schubert's "Winterreise". Sant Joan Bapista Church. 15 euros.

Palma. 18.30: Palma Band of Music - street concert. Casal Sant Alonso, C. Castellarnau. Free.

Palma. 20.00: Aeham Ahmad - Syrian pianist. "Music for hope". Teatre Principal, C. Riera 2. Five-twenty euros, funds for PROEM-AID.

Thursday, 28 September
Cala Ratjada. 21.00: Coral Cala Ratjada. Plaça Castellet.

Deya. 20.30: Tres Cordes String Trio and Alfredo Oyagüez (piano). Final concert for the Deya International Music Festival. At Son Marroig. Twenty euros.

Palma. 18.30: Palma Band of Music. Plaça Major.

Friday, 29 September
Alcudia Fair. 18.00: Giants and pipers - procession from the town hall. 18.30: Opening of the fair - Roman market, local business and local crafts/products. Gastrobirra (craft beers from Beer Lovers) with tapas (Plaça Cisterna, next to the town hall).  19.30: Opening of embroidery exhibition. Casa Cultural, C. Hostal. Embroidery demonstrations at 20.00 at the Can Torró Library, C. Serra. 20.30: Home cooking event. Donations to charity. Five euros per dish. 22.30: Concert - Santa Cecilia de Son Rapinya Band of Music. Plaça Carles V.

Alcudia Fair - Young Artists. 19.00: Opening of the exhibition of artists. 21.00: Dance show - Flying Squirrels. 22.00: Urban dance, Can Picafort - rap. 23.00 and 24.00: DJs. All at Can Ramis (by the bus stops).

Cala Ratjada, Tourist Day. 18.00-22.00: Craft market, gastronomy and music.

Calonge, Sant Miquel. 10.45: Pipers procession. 11.00: Mass, dances of offer and of the Archangels and the demon.

Llucmajor, Llucmajor Fairs (Sant Miquel Fiestas). From 09.00. 19.00: Dance of the Cavallet Cotoners plus the Llucmajor band of music, pipers, folk groups and honouring of the saint, Plaça Espanya. 19.30: Eucharist plus dance of offer by the cavallets and schools of dance, with music from the pipers. 21.00: Dance by the cavallets, accompanied by the band of music, followed by more dance featuring different groups.

Mancor de la Vall, Art Fair. From 19.00: Paintings, street art, photography. 20.30: Catalina Moll Trio (jazz), Casal de Cultura.

Bunyola. 20.30: Josep Burguera (euphonium), Yuko Mizutani (piano). Falla, Ravel, Piazzolla and others. Raixa Finca. Ctra. Palma-Soller. 15 euros.

Palma. 20.00: Mallorca Gay Men's Chorus - "Ellos y Nosotros". Es Baluard, Plaça Porta Santa Catalina. 15 euros.

Palma. 21.00: Maikel Delacalle (rap), DJ Oscar Romero and others. Trui Theatre, Cami Son Rapinya 29. 20 euros.

Saturday, 30 September
Alaro Fair. 18.00: Blank Fest - DJs. Plaça Rosari. 23.00: Concert - Dr. Gang. Plaça Rosari.

Alcudia Fair. 10.00-22.00: As Friday plus agricultural machinery, cars and other vehicles. The army, Civil Protection and beach rescue. Children's entertainment and activities (10.00-13.30 and also 16.30-20.00); caparrot bigheads workshop at Can Torró. 11.00: Xaranga music procession. Opening of the animals' zone at 12.00. 16.30: Procession by S'Estol Rei en Jaume bigheads from the town hall. 17.30/19.00: Theatre workshop. Plaça Carles V. 19.30: Mini concert - Status Duo, Passeig Mare de Déu de la Victoria. 22.00: Night party - DJs and '80s and '90s music from La Movida Band. Plaça Carles V.

Alcudia Fair - Young Artists. 22.30: Concerts - Orquestra Buendia, Els ultims fills del bosc, The Oceans. At Can Ramis.

Mancor de la Vall, Art Fair. 16.15: Procession by Artstukada (batucada drummers). 17.00: Violin concert, Plaça Església. 18.00: Poetry and music, Plaça Església. 20.00: Binissalem Band of Music, Plaça Església. 20.30: Tapas route. 22.00: Concert by singer Xanguito, Plaça Baix. 23.00: Music group Tiu present "musicogastronomia", Plaça Baix.

Palma, Diada dels Castellers (human towers). 11.00: Workshop, Plaça Paris. 17.00: Gathering in Plaça Espanya. 17.15: Procession to Plaça Cort. 18.00: Performance, Plaça Cort. 20.30: Pachamama Percussió (batucada), Plaça Cort. 21.00: Al-Mayurqa, El Pont d'Arcalis, Xavier de Betera - traditional music. Ses Voltes Park. 

Palma, Rana Market. 08.30-18.00: Annual market for the Rana Foundation, which provides protection from and support for victims of child abuse. Clothes, games, book, decorations, children's entertainment. Parc de la Mar.

Palma, Fair of the Cultures. 10.00-23.00: Gastronomy, craft, local product, folk dance. Live music acts from 15.00. Sa Riera Park.

Arenal. 19.00: Arenal Band of Music. Avda. Miramar.

Cala Millor. 20.30: Singers Virginia Bordal, Hardy Rudolz, Gerd Achilles, Gudrun Schade. Sa Maniga Auditorium, C. Son Galta. 15 euros.

Inca. 19.00: La Esencia, Oscar Romero and others. Performances for charity. At the bullring. Five euros.

Palma. 20.30: Balearic Symphony Orchestra and Capella Mallorquina. Concert for the fiftieth anniversary of the choir. At the Cathedral. Free.

Puerto Soller. 19.30: Dresden String Trio - Puerto Soller Classical Music Festival. Beethoven, Mozart. Museu del Mar. 25 euros.

Sunday, 1 October
Alaro Fair. 09.00-19.00: Leather, textiles, gardening, ceramics, food and drink, associations and businesses. Official opening by the demons at 10.00. Cabrit i Bassa Band of Music at 10.30. 11.00-14.00: Sheepdog trials. Camí Vela. 11.30: Demons' dance. Plaça Vila. 12.00: Batucada drummers. Plaça Vila. 12.30: Procession (circus style). Music from Deina Lillo, C. Can Xalet. 13.30: Cabrit i Bassa Band of Music. Plaça Vila. 16.00: Sa Somera de Sant Antoni, the "donkey" and its dance plus Ses Someriues, children's donkey figures. Plaça Vila. 17.00: Concert - Wacky Tobacco. Plaça Mercat. 18.00: Na Marraxeta, young demons. Plaça Vila. 19.00: Folk dance with S'Estol Porrerenc. Plaça Vila.

Alcudia Fair. 09.00-22.00: Roman market, local business and local crafts/products. Gastrobirra (craft beers from Beer Lovers). Agricultural machinery, cars and other vehicles. The army, Civil Protection and beach rescue. Animals' zone. Children's entertainment and activities (10.00-13.30 and also 16.30-20.00). Children's theatre workshops (10.00/14.00), Plaça Carles V.Adults' theatre workshops (13.00/17.00). 10.30-13.30: Horse skills in the animals' zone. 12.00: Mini concert - One Man Rocks, Passeig Mare de Déu de la Victoria. 18.00: Ball de bot folk dance - Sarau Alcudienc, Arreu, Es Revetlers, Plaça Carles V.

Esporles, Sweets Fair. 09.00-13.00: Pastries, sweets, local gastronomy, craft beers, processions, music, folk dance.

Llucmajor, Llucmajor Fairs. From 09.00: The second Llucmajor fair. 18.00: "Kinesis" - circus show at Sant Bonaventura Cloister, C. Fra Joan Garau.