The coastal track is dangerous and needs improving and/or safety measures.


The Costas Authority has blocked a Soller town hall improvement to a stretch of the Camí dels Pintors, arguing that the town hall has to first expropriate the land. Carlos Simarro, the former mayor and now a councillor as well as the head of the Costas in the Balearics, has explained to the town hall that the rejection by the authority is similar to one that the Costas gave in 2015 for another stretch of the way in Deya. There are, he said, parts of the track which cannot be attended to despite the fact that they are in the public domain.

The way itself is in a poor state and is basically unsafe, so the authority insists that there is either expropriation or an agreement with landowners to divert the unsafe stretches of the track. The town hall, however, says that all it wants the Costas authority to do is to take preventive measures for walkers on the most dangerous parts of the track, which is what has been done in Deya. It isn't seeking a new layout of the way.

Deya's mayor, Magdalena López, explains that when her town hall sought improvement, there was no expropriation process and nor were there any agreements with owners. The town hall simply asked the Costas in writing for something to be done because of accidents, including one person having been killed. The Costas had been reminded that the track was its responsibility, and handrails were installed.

Hikers themselves point out that there is virtually no track in some parts but don't believe that this should prevent the Costas from putting in handrails in dangerous sections. A few days ago, a man was seriously injured when he fell in precisely the area that Soller town hall has asked for improvements to be carried out.


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Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 4 years

We have been and still are hikers and certainly in this region. I'm not arguing that all tracks are safe or free of being injured, but at the end od the day they are natural tracks existing for as far as one can imagine. Accidents will always happen in the mountains . A part of being unlucky and putting down your foot wrongly a lot of accidents happen due to lack of training, underestimating the mountain,the weather the effort and going hiking with bad gear ( we frequenly see people climbing in flip-flops, no sticks, with very young children, lack of water etc and at a certain your brain does not react .as you would like to. What for me is an essential thing to improve is , are the signs on walks not links to the GR route.