Members of Més in Inca who are opposed to shopping centres. | Maria Nadal


The Council of Majorca's regulation of commercial centres on the island will more or less rule out any new large-scale retail developments in and around Palma. Separate to issues such as traffic congestion in the city is a wish to distribute commercial activity more widely across Majorca. In this respect, Inca is a town that the Council has earmarked for potential new centres. The Council believes that Inca has lost some of its commercial potency because of a concentration of activity in Palma.

Under the Council's plans there could be commercial retail centres of up to 30,000 square metres in Inca. Més, which is part of the ruling administration at the town hall, is against this. Its three councillors say that they will present submissions challenging the Council's plan.

They add they were surprised by the Council's announcement and are also concerned about the impact of large retailers on small shops in Inca. Alice Weber, one of the Més councillors, explains that some 2,000 people are employed in the town's retail trade sector: 20% of all the people who work in Inca.