Villas, apartments - only 30,000 new accommodation places will be available. | Archive


The roughly 43,000 places (beds) that are to be added to the existing tourist accommodation stock will not all be for holiday rentals. There will in fact be only some 30,000 places for rentals: 70% of the total.

The Council of Majorca's councillor for land, Mercedes Garrido, says that the distribution of all these places will depend on the final approval of the Council's plan for intervention in tourism areas (PIAT), which isn't expected to be until May next year at the earliest.

Of the 43,000 places, some ten thousand will be for hotels; others will be for the likes of agrotourism. At present there are 380,000 registered hotel places and 60,000 for holiday rentals. In addition, there are 11,000 rentals places that were being processed by the ministry at the time that the moratorium on new licences came into effect.

The 30,000 additional places will not cover the demand, which is estimated to be double this number (i.e. illegal places, as they are currently defined).

The Council is also working on its zoning for rentals, which should be initially agreed next month. The zoning should have been dependent on the PIAT, but this has been delayed, and it will take into account issues such as whether parts of the island are deemed to be "saturated" or not. It will also distinguish between properties that will be available for rent all year and those for which there will be a maximum of 60 days (these are properties which are owners' habitual residences).