Protesters outside the courts yesterday. | Julio Bastida


There was another demonstration yesterday which called for the disqualification of Judge Manuel Penalva and prosecutor Miguel Ángel Subirán.

It was held outside the Via Alemania courts in Palma and was directed at the judge and prosecutor involved with the case against Tolo Cursach. There was a similar protest on the day when Cursach reappeared in court for the first time since his arrest, and the same banner as then was unfurled - "Corruption in the court of instruction".

The lawyer Vicente Campaner, who represents Cursach, said that this second protest had an additional flavour. The Balearic High Court has dismissed a complaint against Penalva and Subirán. Campaner explained: "We are not stupid ... We have come here to call that legal certainty be respected, knowing that if someone commits a crime, he will not be treated differently."

There were around one hundred people in all, roughly the same number as before. The background to the protest, apart from it seemingly being a form of support for Cursach, was the discredited testimony of a key witness - the "Madame" - and the allegation that Penalva and Subirán had manipulated her evidence. She herself is now under investigation for false testimony.

A protest that had been planned for last Monday was not given permission to be held by the national government's delegation.