Legislation on party boats is being promised. | MDB


Més spokesperson David Abril told a press conference yesterday that during the first half of this year there will be further reform of the tourism law that addresses beach clubs, party boats and all-inclusives. He explained that these aspects had been held over because it had been necessary to give exclusive attention to the holiday rentals legislation.

Abril added that the various other items of legislation, such as the housing bill, will be completed before parliament's summer break, and will mean that 90% of the legislative agenda agreed by PSOE and Més (and Podemos) will have been met.

Responding to a view that 2018 is pre-election year, Abril said that the whole of the period of office could be said to be pre-electoral. With this in mind, he stressed the consensus that had been reached in the final part of last year.

He believed that there will be a "progressive majority" after the 2019 election but that there needs in the meantime to be an avoidance of "mistakes and noise". As for the opposition parties he said that it was time for them to explain what they will do and to go beyond the normal "mantra" of lowering taxes and attacks on Catalan.

Abril also referred to a proposal that Més will be making in a draft motion that currently has the title of "against confrontation, recovering great consensus". This will have to do with the protection of the education, language and culture of the Balearic Islands, compliance with and enforcement of the Balearics statute of autonomy, and the rejection of anything that generates hatred.