Jaume Font of El Pi is championing the need for alternative holiday rentals legislation. | Teresa Ayuga


The president and manager of the Aptur holiday rentals association, Joan Miralles and María Gibert, have met the leaders of the Partido Popular and El Pi, Biel Company and Jaume Font. The result of these meetings, which were held on Tuesday, is that the two parties see more or less eye to eye with Aptur on rentals legislation and on the current arguments surrounding rentals zoning.

Font and Josep Melià, another fierce critic from El Pi of the government's rentals regulations, accepted Aptur's proposals with regard to a need to expand the stock of rentals places in order to ensure that the volume that existed prior to the legislation being approved is maintained. By implication, or so it sounds, this volume would include, at the least, apartments that were being rented out under the tenancy act.

Aptur also explained to Font and Melià their wish that rentals in zones where the sixty-day per annum limit would apply should not be included in the calculation of rentals places. There are in total around 30,000 that are due to be allocated.

Company told Aptur that the PP rejects the "Frankenstein law" to regulate rentals. He is committed to there being a supply of holiday rentals for which there are "clear and objective criteria" that do not have the arbitrariness of what has been proposed and do not generate the questions that have arisen.

The PP believes that there are inconsistencies in the government's regulations and that approval of the zoning and a subsequent approval of the Council of Majorca's PIAT plan for tourist areas will increase restrictions on rentals.