The Arran anti-tourism protest last July.


Twelve young people are due to appear in a Palma court in March in order to answer questions related to, among others, public disorder offences. The twelve were involved in the anti-tourism protest that took place by a restaurant on the Moll Vell in Palma last July. They are all under investigation for public disorder, causing damage and issuing threats.

The protest didn't come to light until the radical youth group Arran posted a video of it on social media almost two weeks later. The images with banners, flares and the throwing of confetti created enormous publicity, and they were reproduced in the foreign press.

A political controversy followed, with the Partido Popular attacking what it felt was the inadequate response by the Balearic government, especially the former tourism minister, Biel Barceló.

Arran, reacting to the news of the court appearances, posted a message on Twitter yesterday: "Repression will not stop us. Fighting for a decent Majorca is a duty that we will not give up. We will continue without fear."


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E Weldon / Hace over 3 years

They will find out the hard way by being sentanced in court for their disgusting behaviour towards tourists and their families-Mallorca needs tourists to keep buisinesses alive which in turn provides jobs and money for the economy


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

If the court hands down prison sentences of 12 months or so,this group will soon cease to exist.


TC / Hace over 3 years

We don't need Arran , Palma city council seem to be Anti tourism of late.