Mega Park is said to be attracting hotelier interest.

22-03-2018Jaume Morey

Hoteliers are showing interest in acquiring the Mega Park site in Arenal and converting the complex into a hotel with a luxury beach club. This interest has come about because of problems faced by the Cursach Group, which owns Mega Park. The company announced earlier this week that it has entered a period of pre-insolvency to negotiate with banks and suppliers. Part of the group's problems stem from the fact that Mega Park is currently closed on the order of Palma town hall and may not open for the season; Mega Park contributes around 60% of group turnover.

The company is saying that it has no interest in selling the site, but if it were to, then its conversion would lead to a radical change of image for Playa de Palma and in particular the area of Arenal where Mega Park is located. This radical change would follow on from the investments made in the resort, which have been worth some 200 million euros and have created, among other things, two new five-star hotels.

The Mega Park site is classified under the Playa de Palma redevelopment plan as being for tourist-hotel and services use. In this respect there wouldn't in theory be an obstacle to hotel development; the practice, including permission from the town hall, might be another matter. The site is said to be valued at between 12 and 15 million euros.


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TC / Hace over 3 years

Just walked pass the place this evening, all open, not many punters in there though. Confirmation I suppose they're all tucked up inside their all inclusive hotel bars.


Frances / Hace over 3 years

Because you don't see the punters on the streets. They are hiding in the 5 star resort/hotel and don't walk around spending cash. Out of sight out if mind.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

How is it that when hoteliers seek to or might add another hotel,there is no mention of "saturation" from politicians.?


Phil 67 / Hace over 3 years

The powers that be must think that the ex rental properties will end up being occupied by staff who work in the hotel and the ex rental customers will end up staying in the hotel. I know many people who want to stay in a nice apartment , have meals at the time they want not when the hotel tells them. So in last few weeks we hear more flights planned for the summer and more tourists will arrive. I would be interested to see how the differences this season affect the small businesses.


Jason / Hace over 3 years

Another hotel and all the time the hoteliers are blaming holiday rentals for tourist saturation !